G.B. Paint Co. Pty. Ltd.

Common Questions and Answers

As you can imagine, over the years we have been asked many questions relating to paint, specifications and surface preparation. So we have put together a short list of answers which you might find useful.

Please contact us if you need further clarification or if the answers you are seeking are not listed on this page.


1/ Where is GB Paints located?

We are located at 46 Taunton Drive, Cheltenham, Victoria telephone (03) 9583 7055

2/ Do you have a shop?

Yes trade & retail shop located at 46 Taunton Drv Cheltenham VIC 3192.

3/ How long does it take to receive my paint order?

All orders are usually shipped within 7 working days.

4/ Can GB Paints deliver interstate?

Yes. Speak to our staff to arrange your delivery.

5/ Does GB Paints provide painting services?

We don't provide painting services but we recommend painters & signwriters to provide proven, competent and competitively priced services.

6/ How can I contact your parent company GSB Chemicals?

Visit www.gsbchem.com.au for further information.

7/ Can you also provide surface preparation products?

Yes. We have a vast range of products as provided by our parent company GSB Chemicals Pty Ltd. We can also assess clients needs for problem solving of systems administering our products and provide technical advice & help, both Onsite & Offsite.

8/ Other services

We are capable in providing toll manufacturing & contracted work. We are also able to provide formulas from scratch for various finishes & surfaces.

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